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Let the new generation tune in!

Caliope's On Air Social Radio software is breaking radio's traditional one-way-traffic. With our On Air Social Radio software, radio stations can interact with their listeners and thus improve their broadcasts.

You are now visiting Caliope.FM, a showcase for Caliope's Social Radio software. At first sight, it's just another website for a radio station, but when you look closer you will find that many social functions have been integrated in this site. For example, take a look at 'Now Playing' section. Click on a track, and discover al the functions!

On Air Social Radio

Caliope introduces On Air Social Radio. This module gives a radio station’s website an instant boost. You will get functions that create interaction and better integration with your website and your listeners, which enables you to (automatically) adapt your broadcasts to your listeners’ wishes. An overview of the functions and possibilities with Caliope’s Social Radio;

Real-time Playlists and interactive Now Playing

On Air Suite's Social Radio module automatically sends all Now Playing information to your website. Also, complete playlists are send to the website. All this is done with just a simple PHP statement on your site, so there's no need for FTP scripts anymore!.

The interactive possibilities:

  • Like and Dislike-functions
    Each item featured in the Now Playing list and the general playlist can have it's own 'Like' and 'Dislike' buttons. With these functions your listeners can decide which songs they like and which they don't. Based on this information On Air Suite can automatically adapt teh rotation of the song or generate a chart, for example a chart with the top 20 most liked songs.
  • Social functions
    Visitors of your website can share all items with their friends thanks to Facebook integration. With a push of the button an item is placed on the Facebook page og the listener. It is also possible to view a songs videoclip on Youtube or send out a Tweet.
  • Buy Items
    By integrating I-Tunes all songs on your website can be bought easily by your listeners. On any purchases you receive a commission.
  • Request Songs
    Social Radio has a Song Request-module: As a station you select which categories of music are published on the website and then the listeners choose what they want to hear! The requested songs are, if desired, insterted into the playlist automatically by On Air Suite. Based on the number of requests, a chart of the most requested items will be created. This chart can be played automatically as well.
  • Radioplayer for your website and Android Phone
    Part of On Air Social Radio is the StatioQ player. You install the StatioQ player on your website and anyone can listen to your stream. The player works on Windows, Mac and Linux and is even available as Android app for mobile phones! Download the mobile app here.

Easy Implementation

Implementation is easy: On Air Radio Social consists of two components: one component must be installed in your studio and the other component has to be uploaded to your site. The requested data is sent back and forth in a standard API format. This makes it easy for any web developer to integrate these interactive features in the website. Also, there is documentation available which together with the code samples and demo modules makes it a quick and easy install!

The benefits of On Air Social Radio

  • Real time data from On Air Suite on your website
  • Two-way communication (like-dislike, song request, charts)
  • Everything is automated; no manual to-do's anymore.
  • Data is delivered through a structured API: The interactive parts of your website are easier to build and maintain.
  • More interaction with your listeners.